John: Lessons 1 Through 8 of 40

A very famous song poses the question, “Is that all there is?” Today it could easily be the slogan of the modern church.

Always looking for a new experience or idea, both Christians and the lost are missing the might of JESUS’ simple proclamation: “I am the way, the truth and the life…”

Join Bob George in this chapter by chapter exposition of The Gospel of John. Realize why Christ, Himself, is real life and how He personally offers hope in daily living that you may:

  • Discover an abundant and meaningful life as a Christian
  • Overcome fear with His assurance that you have His eternal life
  • Experience joy during adversity
  • Apply God’s wisdom in decision making, no matter how big or small the issue
  • Experience freedom as you walk by faith in His love and acceptance

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Lesson 01: Introduction to John

Play Lesson 01: Introduction to John
Lesson 02: Two Births
Play Lesson 02: Two Births
Lesson 03: He Made You He Knows You
Play Lesson 03: He Made You He Knows You
Lesson 04: Are You Prepared or Scared
Play Lesson 04: Are You Prepared or Scared?
Lesson 05: Dead or Alive
Play Lesson 05: Dead or Alive
Lesson 06: Water of Life
Play Lesson 06: Water of Life
Lesson 07: Seek Ye First
Play Lesson 07: Seek Ye First
Lesson 08: Lift Up Your Eyes
Play Lesson 08: Lift Up Your Eyes


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