Faith, Hope and Love

But Now Abide…

Throughout the apostle Paul’s epistles you find him commending and encouraging his fellow Christians for their faith, hope, and love. The Christian life is lived by faith, encouraged by hope, and exemplified by love. The New Testament points out these qualities as being the Christian’s criteria for evaluating his or her ongoing spiritual maturity, and the evidence to an unbelieving world of a living Lord and a living faith.

Each of these qualities is treated as a separate subject in this book. But this chapter will show that faith, hope, and love are linked together. A person cannot experience the love of God or love for others apart from faith and hope. The same is true for experiencing faith and hope. So as you work through each chapter remember that faith, hope, and love work together in our lives and enable us to experience the abundant life that Jesus promised.

With this in mind let us take a closer look at faith, hope, and love.

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