The Book of James

Bob takes on this often challenging book with practicality, humor, and rich insight. In the light of the New Covenant, James offers believers hope and confidence in life’s trials and tribulations.

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Lesson 1: Persevering Through Trials

      Lesson 1 Audio


Lesson 2: Trials Joyful Yeah

      Lesson 2 Audio


Lesson 3: Coveting Who Me

      Lesson 3 Audio


Lesson 4: Single Minded in Truth

      Lesson 4 Audio


Lesson 5: Solution to Stop the Evil Cycle

      Lesson 5 Audio


Lesson 6: Faith in Action

      Lesson 6 Audio


Lesson 7: The Untamable Tongue

      Lesson 7 Audio


Lesson 8: Why Love the World

      Lesson 8 Audio


Lesson 9: Spiritual Warfare

      Lesson 9 Audio


Lesson 10: Attitudes of the Heart

      Lesson 10 Audio


Lesson 11: Let’s Get Real

      Lesson 11 Audio