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What is Malachi 3:16 really saying?

Play What is Malachi really saying?
Rene learns that Malachi was written to the descendants of Jacob, so was not intended for her. Tithing of food, etc. was done for the purpose of supporting the Levitical priesthood under the Old Covenant. The scroll of remembrance (3:16), written by the Jews, had the names of those people faithful to God.


Are the 10 Commandments Still in Effect Today?

Play Are the 10 Commandments Still in Effect Today?
Andy wonders if we are still to obey the Ten Commandments. All Mosaic Law was given under the Old Covenant. We are now to live in the New Covenant, walking by faith in the love of Christ Jesus. The Law’s only purpose is to make lost people conscious of their sin and their need for a Savior.


The Meaning of “Sins You Forgive Will be Forgiven by God”

Play The Meaning of Sins You Forgive Will be Forgiven by God
Todd learns that scriptures are sometimes not translated correctly from the Greek. The incorrect tense used in John 20:23 is one example. Jesus was talking to His disciples after his resurrection. This verse should read: “If you forgive anyone his sins, they have already been forgiven…” (by Jesus).


Why is Forgiveness Described as Positional, Forensic or Judicial?

Play Why is Forgiveness Described as Positional Forensic or Judicial?
Many are confused about positional, forensic and judicial forgiveness. These terms are not biblical, and there is no basis for their use. 1 John 1:9 also confuses many people. This passage about salvation was written to lost people. The original Greek reads, “ …to have forgiven us…” instead of “…will forgive us…”.


How do Small Children Get to Heaven When They Die?

Play How do Small Children Get to Heaven When They Die?
Mark wonders if small children go to heaven when they die. How do they get salvation? We are not told the answer to this question in the Scriptures. However, we can definitely trust God with His decision. Little children, as well as people who do not have full mental capacity, are in the hands of a perfectly loving and just God.


Does Hebrews 6 & 10 Teach You Can Lose Your Salvation?

Play Does Hebrews 6 and 10 Teach You Can Lose Your Salvation?
Hebrews 6:4-6 is frequently misunderstood. Many think it teaches that we can lose our salvation. The people mentioned are those who were enlightened for a time but had merely tasted God’s salvation. Then they returned to their false beliefs. They fell away without repenting from the sin of unbelief.


Contrast Water vs. Holy Spirit Baptism

Play Contrast Water vs. Holy Spirit Baptism
Edwin is confused about water and Holy Spirit baptism. Water baptism is done by man, and baptism by the Holy Spirit is done by God. The Holy Spirit then places the new believer in the body of Christ. Holy Spirit baptism saves you. Water baptism doesn’t save anyone. It testifies to the miracle that has already happened.