Thanks for replaying your radio show. I've only had about 5 years of listening before you went off the air. I'm learning so much from the show now. I missed all those years, but am catching up now. You're my digital pastor and I thank God for using you to get to me. Hope you're enjoying retirement, because of all your work in the Lord. I'm a witness that truth will set you free. I'm free of depression and have learned so much from you Bob. I love you forever for letting God use you and so grateful that I am able to hear you then and now. Hope all is well and thanks again.

Antoine Andrews    Carson, CA   

No one puts Jesus Christ first like you do. Your focus on Christ is the truth that set me free. Thank you for making Bob's audios available. I truly hope ALL his work will be made ready for purchase. Thanks again, Holly.

Holly Riley    San Dimas California   


I have said this before, but God has used you both in my life and my husband's life.
When I was a little child I would read the Bible and spend time with God.
As I got older, I started hearing things contrary to what Jesus had been telling me in His Word - law and grace wise.
I thought, well, since they are older and I'm a child, I must be wrong and not understanding what I have been reading!

Then in 1992 me and my husband found People to People on the radio. When I first heard Bob/People to People, in my heart I knew it was truth, because all the things Jesus had told me as a child in His Word all lined up with what I was hearing on the radio! I also always appreciated how Bob would say - "Don't believe anything I say, I could be lying out my teeth - check out what I'm saying with the Word of God!"

Bob and Amy, you both will always have a special place in my heart. I thank my God upon remembrance of you and thank you for making yourselves available for God to use and to point others to Him... Like Bob said he heard Amy say on the phone one day - "we are just sheep dogs herding people to the Shepherd"!

Love, Joy/Lee

Joy/Lee    Orlando, Florida   

Thank you for "Jesus Changes Everything."

Doug and I are switching back and forth reading this book and enjoying it as we have all of your books. We own and have read every book, CD series and many, many tapes from before CDs that you wrote or put out and we can honestly say if it had not been for your teaching, we would probably still be wondering in the desert.

Thank for all your years of true ministry to the Body of Christ and thanks again for another wonderful book teaching the truths that the Church needs to hear.

May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ keep you with us for many more years of great ministry to all of us.

Lucy Fletcher    SanDiego, CA   

Hello Bob and Amy,

Bob, your teachings (never wavering from the truth of it being all Jesus, the New Covenant, and complete forgiveness in Him) were instrumental in my Christian walk through all of these years to focus on Jesus. I have all of your books, bible studies (A Closer Look... series), and have listened to the radio broadcasts and Sunday sermons extensively. I spent hours listening and re-listening in the car to all of these tapes and learning through the Holy Spirit's guidance what life in Christ was really about. Your voice has keep me company on many of those long commutes and trips back and forth around the Bay Area.

Also, I wanted to point out that Amy's book "Goodbye Is Not Forever" was such a story of hope to me. It was very special not just for the story, but for bringing into account what was going on in Russia and the surrounding area at that time of history. My grandparents from both sides of the family emigrated to the USA from the Ukraine in the latter part of the 19'th century because they could see the writing on the wall.

Thank you once again for allowing God to use you both over the years, to teach God's truth, in such a way that a child could understand it. I have been blessed and I know so many others have been blessed by you. You have always pointed to Jesus as the answer.

Jim W.    San Ramon, CA    Website   

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