Practical Theology

Do You Believe in the Trinity?

Play Do You Believe in the Trinity?
Danny questions if God is a Trinity. He learns that through the Scriptures, God is declared as three different persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The plurality of God is evident all through the Old Testament, but not explained. Jesus made the plurality of God clear in the New Testament.


What Does it Mean to Suffer with Christ?

Play What Does it Mean to Suffer with Christ?
John wants to know what it means to “share the sufferings of Christ.” All of us will go through various types of suffering during our lifetimes on earth. We are not to go out looking for suffering. When it comes, we are told to go through it by faith, trusting in Christ Jesus.


How Can I Know Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, I am in Christ?

Play How Can I Know Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt I am in Christ?
Randy asks how he can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is in Christ Jesus. Randy must agree with God regarding these issues: He must believe what God says about him and his sin. And he must trust in Christ Jesus alone and His finished work on the cross.


Why are People Teaching Me to Keep the Law?

Play Why are People Teaching Me to Keep the Law?
Larry is confused because some church leaders still teach that we must observe the law. The law was given to the Jews, under the Old Covenant. No one has ever been able to keep it. Then what is the purpose of the law? According to Romans 3:20, “Through the law we become conscious of sin.”


Did the Early Church Receive the Spirit Before or After Faith?

Play Did the Early Church Receive the Spirit Before or After Faith?
Larry wants to know if the early church received the Spirit before or after faith. He was guided to Acts 18: 24-26. The Spirit of God has always come to indwell us at the time of spiritual birth. He places us into the body of Christ, making us alive in Christ. Some may believe that Jesus is the Christ but may not be born-again of the Spirit.


What Did Jesus Mean by Saying, “Pick Up Your Cross Daily?”

Play What Did Jesus Mean by Saying Pick Up Your Cross Daily?
A new believer wonders what Jesus meant when He said, “Pick up your cross daily…” He meant that no relationship with family or friends is as important as our relationship with Him. Many will reject you and your faith in Jesus, but keep on proclaiming Him.


Can Someone Who’s Never Heard the Gospel be Saved?

Play Can Someone Who's Never Heard the Gospel be Saved?
Sam, a Muslim, who is now a believer in Christ, wonders if someone who has never heard the Gospel can be saved. Everyone is born into this world dead spiritually. But, any person who sincerely seeks God will be introduced in some way to His Son Jesus Christ.


Why is Love Greater Than Faith and Hope?

Play Why is Love Greater Than Faith and Hope?
Jim wants to know why love is greater than faith and hope. Perfect love comes from God; faith and hope come from us. God is the initiator; we are the responders. The only faith that counts is faith that expresses itself through love. And that love is the initiator’s love in and through us.


How Should We View Melchizedek?

Play How Should We View Melchizedek?
Laurie is curious about Melchizedek. The Jews thought no one was superior to Abraham. The fact that Melchizedek blessed Abraham showed that someone was greater. When God Himself declared Christ a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek, this showed the superiority of Christ.


What is the Five-Fold Ministry?

Play What is the Five-Fold Ministry?
Cletus has been hearing about the “five-fold ministry.” Many have served the body of Christ, equipping the saints for their work of ministry. Apostles and prophets were only in the early church. Today, there are still pastors, teachers and others serving the body. Every service not done in love is worthless.


How Do I Share the Gospel with Friends?

Play How Do I Share the Gospel with Friends?
Paul wants to know how to share the Gospel with friends. Don’t depend on actions alone. It’s the Word of God that saves people. People with hurts can only be truly comforted by Christ Jesus. First find out where they are in their relationship with Christ. Encourage them to see their true spiritual condition.


Speculation and Bible Prophecy

Play Speculation and Bible Prophecy
Ricky has questions, as most of us do, about the end times, We like to think about these mysteries, but our understanding is mostly speculation. Jesus wants us to concentrate on the present, trusting Him one day at a time. We must latch on to what we know is true. It is the truth that sets us free.


Are Prophets and Apostles Legitimate Titles for Today?

Play Are Prophets and Apostles Legitimate Titles for Today?
Andrew wonders if apostles and prophets are still present today. Apostles lived only during the lifetime of Jesus. They were present for His death, burial and resurrection. Prophets also lived only before the Scriptures were written. They communicated verbally whatever God wanted people to know.