Calls of Salvation

Doubting Salvation

Play Doubting Slavation
Larry is in a mental hospital. He has had a 20 year struggle with alcoholism and other problems. He isn’t sure whether or not he has ever been saved. When first encouraged to ask Jesus into his heart, he is hesitant. But he soon realizes that living life his way has not worked at all. He then asks Jesus to live in his heart.


What is Being Born Again?

Play What is Being Born Again?
Betty wonders what it means to be born again. She learns that when we go through physical birth, all of us are born dead in sin. Later, if we come to Christ by faith, we go through spiritual birth. Betty wants to be sure she has trusted Christ. She asks Him into her heart to solidify her relationship with Him.


Unpardonable Sin

Play Unpardonable Sin
Like many people, Jeremy is concerned about the unpardonable sin. He learns that the unpardonable sin is the rejection of the Son of God. This is the only sin that can send him to hell. All other sins were removed from the eyes of God forever when Jesus died on the cross. 

Who am I?

Play Who am I?
Todd is suicidal and says the devil won’t leave him alone. He is troubled by what others say about him. He feels lost without Jesus and agrees to ask Him to be his Lord and Savior. Todd is then told to listen to what God says about him. He must depend on God and His Word instead of people. Then he will know his true identity.


How can I Trust God?

Play How can I Trust God?
Jana was a very troubled young woman. She said that she had committed terrible sins and didn’t think she was saved. She learns that Christ died in her place for every sin she has done or will ever do. The sin issue has been taken care of. Jana asks Jesus to live in her heart so that she might have His eternal life.


Sexual Sin

Play Sexual Sin
Jeanine’s daughter condemns her because she is in her second marriage. Jeanine has been very upset. She now understands the grace and love of God through Christ Jesus. He forgave all of her sins at the cross. She has trusted Christ to live in her heart forever and knows she will never be condemned by Him.


Wanting Death

Play Wanting Death
Tracy wanted to die. She felt that no one loved her, not even God. Then she was told that nothing can separate her from the love of God. She felt empty because she did not have the Spirit of God living in her. She also had unrealistic expectations of the people in her life. She has now trusted in Jesus and knows He will be her best friend forever.


The Snare of Homosexuality

Play The Snare of Homosexuality
James practiced homosexuality. He was exchanging the truth of God for a lie. James wanted to change. He learns that at the cross Jesus took this homosexual sin and all of his sins from the eyes of God. James prays for, and receives, the life of Jesus in his heart. He feels that a weight has been lifted.