Radio With Bob George and People to People

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After several years in full-time ministry, Bob George made a disturbing discovery. Too many Christians were experiencing depression and other emotional problems. Too many were living without joy.

To meet their needs, Bob created a seminar called How to Experience Victory over Depression. It was profoundly biblical. And it gave attendees an overwhelming sense of God’s love and grace.

It soon became apparent that George’s down to earth style, his transparency, and his application-oriented teaching made for more than a great seminar. It made great radio. And on June 3, 1985, People to People went live.

For over 20 years Bob answered questions from callers across the United States and Canada giving Biblical council to those worn out and broken by religion, hope to those in desperate times and joy to those looking for God’s unconditional love. Sidelined by health issues in 2009, Bob no longer serves with People to People, but the legacy of his many years of ministry carries on in the hearts of those who responded to his teaching.

Compiled here are the very best of Bob’s years on radio in this archive collection. Rich in humor, compassion, and uncompromised Biblical truths, these classic broadcasts communicate the love and grace of God and will be a blessing in your life.

Select the radio year or listen to some by subject matter.