Bob George Quotes

Memorable Quotes from Bob George

“I experienced the greatest miracle anyone could ever witness. I found the deepest need of my heart satisfied by the Lord Jesus Christ. God took a man with an empty heart and He filled it with Himself.”

“Quite frankly, it’s a line that is split right down the middle of humanity as to whether we’re going to listen to Truth that comes from Jesus or whether we’re going to listen to error that comes from the world.”

“No one came out of their mother’s womb saying “Praise, Jesus”. We were born dead spiritually and that’s the problem of mankind, spiritual death.”

“I was thinking today, the world is spelled W-O-R-L-D and the Word is spelled W-O-R-D. The only difference is the “L”. You know what the “L” stands for? Lies. The lies of the world in comparison to the Truth of God.”

“He entered into my death with me so that I could enter into His resurrection with Him. He died for me then so that He can live in me now.”

“The finality of the cross is the key that unlocks the grace of God.”

“Trying to live the Christian life is like trying to crack a stone with a wet noodle….you can’t do it.”

“Many people come TO the cross but never go THROUGH the cross to the empty tomb to find the living Christ.”

“The cross cleared the deck for the divine action of the resurrection, raising you and me from the dead.”

“Some might have an enlightened mind, but an unregenerate spirit. People are often ‘professors’ of Christ but are not ‘possessors’ of Christ.”

“Do you follow Christ or are you led by His Spirit? They are two different things.”

“The most exciting thing about the Christian life is TODAY! Christ in you, your hope of glory.”

“The Law keeps your mind on what YOU are doing. Grace keeps your mind on Him and what He is doing.”

“Many Christians live a Dracula Christianity – dead today, alive tomorrow, dead today, alive tomorrow. They have no hope and don’t know they already HAVE eternal life.”

“Jesus gave His life FOR us; so He could give His life TO us; so that He could live His life THROUGH us.”

“Forgiven isn’t something we get – it’s something we are.”

“Religion makes you mean as a hornet.”

“Light shines brightest in darkness. As light dispels darkness, truth dispels error.”

“Truth sets you free. Error binds you.”

“Atonement covered sin. Christ took away sin!”

“Adam was created alive spiritually with the option to choose death. We are born dead spiritually with the option to choose life.”

“A person (natural man) cannot receive Christ’s provision until he understands his condition.”

“He died for us then so He could live in us now.”

“Jesus laid down His life for us, so He could give His life to us, so He could live His life through us.”

“1 John 1:9 has been used as a Christian bar of soap.”

“You’re not saved by your denominational affiliation.”

“Jesus proclaimed the New, but taught under the Old (Covenant).”

“Jesus Christ ‘died for my sins’ is the half-gospel. Jesus ‘died for my sins and rose to give me life’ is the Full Gospel.”

“When Christ died for your sins 2000 years ago, how many of them were in the future? ALL OF THEM.”

“The bible is uniquely a book written for the purpose of getting to know the author.”

“The reason church benches are called pews…is because so many ‘dead’ people sit there.”

“We’re not saved by the death of Christ…but by the LIFE of Christ.”

“The Moral Majority is neither.”

“The Church isn’t the building on the corner of ‘WALK’ and ‘DON’T WALK.'”

“Circumstances don’t cause your nature, they reveal your nature.”

“Your emotions predictably respond to what your mind is thinking.”

“Without Christ’s Life, you are a forgiven corpse. And a corpse stinketh.”

“Peter was a Compassionate Compromiser. Paul was a Terrifying Truth-Teller.”

“(People say Christianity is a crutch) Christ isn’t a crutch. He’s my legs!”

“We can’t isolate our kids from the world. We insulate them with Truth.”

“What we depend upon controls us.”

“You don’t become a Christian by sitting in a Church anymore than you become a Chicken by sitting in a Hen house.”

“Any lost person can do what we call Worship. We raise up our hands, but should be clutching our chest (because He lives in us).”

“The goal of the Christian Life is not to stop sinning…but to start loving.”

“There is no sin that you or I are incapable of committing, given the right set (mix, combination) of circumstances.”

“God doesn’t grade on the curve, where a lie gets a 2, stealing gets a 6, or adultery gets a 9.”

“We tend to judge those who commit the kind of sins that we don’t.”