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Classic Christianity (Kindle Edition): Life’s Too Short to Miss the Real Thing

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A Word from the Publisher
President of Harvest House Publishers

I recall that sunny afternoon in 1988 as if it were yesterday. While driving down Hilyard Street in Eugene, Oregon, I tuned in to a local Christian radio station in search of a solid sermon from a well-known preacher. Instead, I found myself captivated by a biblical counseling call-in program—an unusual broadcast for a time when teachings like “Christian psychology” and “improving your self-esteem” dominated the airwaves.

The compassion of the teacher and the biblical focus of the counsel drew me to listen all the more. And I was pleased when I heard that the counselor and his ministry were located in Dallas, Texas, a city I would soon be visiting on business. So I scheduled an appointment to meet with the host of the program, Bob George of People to People Ministries, hoping to provide their outreach with some appropriate Harvest House books as premiums for their broadcast.

Bob will tell you more about the misunderstanding that followed, but the upshot was, he talked for nearly two hours at the appointment about who we are in Christ and the problems with today’s performance- based Christianity. I was riveted! I found myself nodding in wholehearted agreement with what made complete sense from my personal study of God’s Word. My past reading of the Bible was being illuminated with fresh insight right there on the spot. I had not heard such freeing news in my entire Christian life!

I had grown up in a strong Christian environment, and my constant heart’s desire was to better understand how to grow in my walk with the Lord. However, like so many of you who have opened these pages, I found myself struggling to keep sin at bay while striving to live the Christian life out of my own strength. I had a good handle on the basic doctrines of the Bible, and I was convinced Christ had died for and forgiven all my sins. After all, I was living for Christ. Yet something was missing amid all my efforts. I was “busy and barren,” as Bob George puts it. But I was about to embark on an amazing journey of biblical understanding, just as you are now.

That two-hour discussion in Dallas led to the first publication of Classic Christianity, in 1989. The book’s impact has far exceeded the expectations of both author and publisher—over 600,000 copies have been distributed worldwide in numerous languages! And the stories keep coming in about people transformed by the love and grace of Christ. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Classic Christianity represents the purest presentation of the gospel message I have ever read. Why? Because it effectively strips away, to the degree mere man can, all but “Christ, who is your life” (Colossians 3:4).

Finally, as president of Harvest House Publishers, I want to express my deep appreciation to and love for Bob and Amy George, Bob and Jena Christopher, Bob Davis, and so many other truly ministry-minded servants at People to People Ministries. These 20 years have been a huge joy for my wife and me and our staff! Thank you for welcoming Harvest House as an integral partner in your life-changing outreach.

And to you, the reader, if you want to understand who you are in Christ, if you want to stop striving and start resting, if you want to truly grow in your Christian life, read this book in its entirety, again and again. (And don’t miss the foreword by Major Ian Thomas, which alone is worth the price of the book!)

With eternal appreciation to God the Father and His servant Bob George,
Bob Hawkins Jr.
President, Harvest House Publishers