Welcome Message From Staff

Bob GeorgeWelcome friends to the new Bob George website.

If you are a new visitor or an old friend, we extend a warm welcome to everyone. We invite you to take the time to browse around the website and listen to the teaching messages. You will find hundreds of hours of Bob George original audio teachings from the Closer Look series of Bible studies, People to People radio broadcast archives with Bob George, and a wealth of topical information that is timeless in value. Please note that the website is still in the building phase and some items are not quite finished. As with any website, no website is ever quite finished; and there is always something to do that can make it better. As such, if anyone has suggestions, feel free to write to us with your comments and suggestions.

We encourage you to forward the message, share the page links with others, write an email to a friend with the link to the specific page of the website, and use the website as an online ministry tool to share with others the message of Jesus and the New Covenant today.

To send a message to Bob or Amy, or to send a message to the webmaster and friends and family support staff please use the contact form on the contact page. The contact page has a short message from Bob and some additional information regarding the online ministry.

In Jesus Christ,

The Bob George Support Staff

PS Here is the table of contents link for the Bob George website.